Karbach Brewing

Hopadillo reminds me a lot of the holidays. It’s bright, it’s crisp, it’s piney, and it leaves you feeling a bit bitter. Hopadillo is a “Texas-style IPA,” meaning whatever the hell Karbach wants it to mean because they more or less made up the category. I don’t care how they classify it, though, I’m just glad they make it. Why? That’s a stupid question, but if you must know, it’s because Hopadillo is hopadelightful.

In order to create this hoppy-armored beast, the brewers at Karbach combine German, American, and English hops together in such beautiful harmony, it’s hard to believe those countries ever hated one another, fought, killed each other, and gossiped behind each others’ backs like a bunch of middle school girls who found out their classmate (China) was stuffing her bra.

That last bit was an attempt at history. Please ignore it, I have no concept of the world.

To get to my point, Hopadillo is a wonderful example of the classy craft beers that Karbach Brewing makes. I’d even venture so far as to say that Karbach Brewing is one of the best things to happen to Houston ever since all the people who lived there left to go live in better places than Houston. Unfortunately, this hasn’t actually happened yet, but it’s at least nice that Houston residents have had another great brewery to escape to for the past few years.

unnamed-11So what to pair with a beer that reminds me of the holidays and is, like so many craft beers, its own work of art? I KNOW, I KNOW! I have the answer because I write a whole entire blog about this shiz. I’m going to take Hopadillo and parrot with the Blue Genie Art Bazaar. This bazaar is a showcase of local and regional artists and craftspeople. It takes place from now until Christmas Eve, and is located in a hall/theatre where they will sell you draaanks at the concession stand. And not just any draaanks, but craft beer. And not just any craft beer, but Hopadillo (plus liquor, soda, candy, and other things that don’t interest me because they’re not beer).

I advise you to make your way to the Blue Genie Art Bazaar, enter free of charge, belly up to the concession stand, and order a Hopadillo as loudly as you possibly can so that everyone will stop, look at you, and give you a really big thumbs up. I guarantee, everyone there will have really big thumbs. After that, take your beer and peruse the eclectic selection. If you’re looking for gift ideas, this is the place to be. They have paintings, prints, shirts, soaps, bags, figures, glassware, knick-knacks, jewelry, things-I-don’t-what-they-ares, plants,  candles, cats and dinosaurs. Also, you can pop into the theater and catch a Christmas flick if that’s what floats your sleigh.

If you’re having trouble understanding the concept of this bazaar, allow some of my pictures to do the talking. These are but a few of the items you and your Hopadillo will see when you go to the Blue Genie Art Bazaar:








AND SO MUCH MORE! Go right now. Bob Saget’s wiener wants you to.