Adelbert’s Brewery

Ah, Belgian IPAs. The increasingly popular bittersweet nectar of beer drinkers everywhere. Part of a collaboration series between Adelbert’s Brewery in Austin and Christine Celis (daughter of famous brewmaster Pierre Celis), this brew combines the hoppiness you’d expect from an IPA and the sweet and slightly sour notes of a Belgian-style.

I’m going to recommend a pairing for this beer, not based on its flavors, but rather on its family ties. Show your daughter how proud you are of her accomplishments and share this beer with her. Obviously, don’t do this if your daughter is under 21 years of age, or a teetotaler, and definitely not if she’s both. But you can still tell her you’re proud of her and then drink alone like a normal, sensible parent who has made a wise decision.

Are you getting misty-eyed or perhaps resentful because you don’t currently own a daughter? I mean…have one? Not to worry! For a refreshingly simple treat, pair this beer with a song about daughters. Specifically, the uplifting little number, “Daughter” by Pearl Jam. Unless you are feeling plural and also kind of terrible and whiny, then “Daughters,” by John Mayer, will suffice. The important thing to realize with this pairing is that everybody can relate, because everybody has daughters. Cheers!