New Belgium Brewing

Part of New Belgium Brewing’s “Lips of Faith” series, this beer is an imperial berliner weisse brewed with yuzu juice. With a style that complex, it’s no surprise when the aroma of this beer hits you like a slap in the face. What is surprising, though, is that the flavor of this beer is much less harsh than its scent would lead you to believe. I was inspired by this contradiction to pair Yuzu with my own creation of not-so-harsh “Your Mama” jokes, which I am obviously going to call “Yuzu Mama” jokes. Here is a sampling:

Yuzu Mama is so fat, she’s seriously considering going on a diet!

Yuzu Mama is so poor, she couldn’t afford to feed you as a kid! I’m sorry, man. Here, have my doughnut.

Yuzu Mama is so ugly, she avoids looking in the mirror at all costs! I’m worried about her self-esteem. Maybe we can look into getting her some counseling? I just want her to realize that she’s so beautiful, inside and out.

Please comment below with your own “Yuzu Mama” jokes, if you think you can handle it. Also, please tell me what a yuzu is because I have no idea, but I’m too lazy to look it up.