Hi, Friends! I have good news and bad news. The good news is that we’ll be publishing a new Beer Parrot tomorrow. The bad news is that in the meantime, we kind of went crazy and did some non-beer related things that you will now have to endure. Sorry.

It all started with this video a friend sent us on how to make an Old Fashioned:



If you’ve ever made, had, seen, or heard of an Old Fashioned before, you know that this is not an Old Fashioned, and that there’s probably a special hell just for this lady, regardless of her sizable chest. (Yes, I read somewhere that bust size is directly correlated to your fate in the afterlife.)

Nevertheless, we were intrigued. How many other drinks could she sabotage with her wooden spoon and low-cut blouse? The answer is a lot, but we only watched a couple more. (The Mint Julep video was equally horrifying.) At the end of our short journey, we stumbled upon a drink we had never heard of: The Purple Hooter. Without knowing a whole lot about the concoction, it became obvious quickly that the Purple Hooter is a shooter that is best served to already-drunk people. Interested to find out more, we watched several (i.e. three) more videos about making Purple Hooters. We found there are variations to the drink, but the general consensus is that it’s made with raspberry liquor, juice, and lemon/lime. In the end it looks something like this:

purple hooter

Inspired by all of the terrible “How To” videos we watched about cocktails, we decided that anyone, yes even YOU, can compile an awful assortment of liquids into a glass and call it a cocktail. More specifically, you can call it a Purple Hooter. And you should, because that name conjures up all sorts of majestic images. Anyway, we ran with our inspiration and created an instructional videos on the art of fashioning a Purple Hooter. In the end, it was decided that everybody should only ever drink beer.