Rahr & Sons Brewing Company

For a number of reasons, Rahr and his sons are infinitely better than that shite-for-a-band, Mumford and Sons. One of those reasons is that Rahr and Sons don’t try to cover up all their farty music with a banjo because (news flash!) you can’t cover up farts with more farts or you just end up living in a giant cloud of farts! Another reason Rahr and Sons is better is they make a Bourbon Barrel Aged Winter Warmer. As you’d expect, this beer is a winter warmer. Aged in a bourbon barrel. Fermented with monkey fur. As you’d also expect, one of those statements isn’t true. It’s the one about monkey fur.

This winter warmer is dark with notes of caramel, vanilla, and of course, bourbon. It’s a nice break from the super spicy suds of late. I wish it were also a nice break from Christmas, which for some reason still hasn’t happened yet, and I just want to die.

Ok, so you’re just going to have to remember that whole thing about deaf Questlove giving me gifts from “The Twelve Days of Christmas” because I’m tired of writing about it. What’d we get today?

On the tenth day of Christmas, my Questlove gave to me: “Ten Lordes a leaping.”

Questlove_Lordes_A_leapingWell, technically, he heard these lyrics right, but somehow still got the present wrong. Also, it’s becoming very apparent that Questlove is all about his celebs. It boggles my mind how he manages to find miniature multiples of the same ones. Now I have so many Ron Swansons, Tony Danzas, and Lordes. I’m going to use them as stocking stuffers! Or to start a real Farmville or something.

Have fun drinking your Bourbon Barrel Aged Winter Warmer and watching Randy Marsh…I mean Lorde…jump all over the place. I’ll see you tomorrow, and then the next day, and then this hell will finally end.