Porter Culture

What’s the best thing in 2015 so far? WRONG! My charming wit is the second best thing. The number one best thing is very different from wit. It’s a porter! Porter Culture, to be exact.

Porter Culture is the brooding brew by Hops and Grain that will take the “t” right out of “winter” and put an “n” in its place instead and so then it will be “winner” instead of “winter,” which is a completely different word. That’s called the alphabet, mi amigos. Get used to it because you’re gonna need a lot of letters to say “Oooooooooooooooooooooooh dang, that’s a good beer!”

Porter Culture is everything you would want in a porter. Roasty, smooth, warming, and full of butts. Drinking it will make you feel like you just stepped off the train into foggy London town, jauntied up to the bar with you crisps and your biscuits, set down your derby hat  and your tallywacker, then ordered a spot of tea, but realized that was stupid, and returned it for a delicious, traditional beer instead.

So what to pair Porter Culture with? I’m going to choose one thing to parrot with, but then mid-pairing, I’m going to pass this post off to a couple other people to finish what I started without reading anything I wrote.

I’d pair this beer with my favorite winter hat! Just like Porter Culture, my hat makes me feel warm and cozy when it’s cold out. It’s also a badass hat with a tassel and some llamas and it’s made of wool. Parrot with a beached whale that’s still alive and can speak English. It’s large, in charge, and asking for help. Sometimes it says, “You’re cool.” I would pair Porter Culture with horticulture, because nothing goes better with hard labor in the sun than  a dark, heavy beer. It’s even infused with garden veggies like tomatoes, squash, beets, and yams.

So there you have it. The truth behind Porter Culture. All full of butts and veggies. Enjoy!