Do you like the color blue? Do you like owls?! Well, guess what… I don’t care!

All that matters for this post about Blue Owl Brewing is that you enjoy beer. If you have an affinity for brews of the sour persuasion, that’s a plus. If you don’t have that affinity, well, then perhaps you can be convinced to give a new beer a try and then go see a doctor to help you figure out what might be wrong with your non-sour-beer-lovin’ brain.

Blue Owl Brewing is finally open to the public after years of eager anticipation. Many moons ago, the plans for the brewery were announced, and from there Blue Owl embarked upon a very long and arduous journey of hoop jumping and eggshell walking. For us consumers, the journey was definitely worth it because the end result is a super cool and trendy brewery on East Cesar Chavez St. that pumps out tastily tart beer on the reg. You can sip their suds on site, and very soon you’ll be able to take their craft cans home with you.

Blue Owl specializes in sour mash brewing, though if you get the opportunity to go on a tour of their brewhouse, you’ll find out that a better description might be sour mash “miu-ing”. Regardless, their brewing process allows the beers they make to maintain hardy malt backbones, bright hop profiles, and rich flavors despite the healthy dose of sourness each brew boasts. The Blue Owl clan prides themselves on not compromising style-defining characteristics for sourness, and they’ve achieved this goal flawlessly.

Right out of the gate, Blue Owl Brewing is offering four flagship ales that are very diverse. They are:

  spiritanimal professorblacklittle bossvandayum.
I’ve had the privilege of trying each of these brews a few times, and they are all wonderful. Spirit Animal (sour pale ale) is a surprising crowd pleaser and Professor Black (sour cherry stout) is a great way to wrap up any evening of beer drinking. I think my favorites, though, are Little Boss (sour session wheat) and Van Dayum (sour red ale). I could guzzle down a couple gallons of Little Boss in seconds, and at only 3.4% ABV, I probably wouldn’t die!

Van Dayum, on the other hand, I want to sip slowly and treat right. You know, take it out to dinner, talk on the phone with it for hours, propose marriage after a few years of dating seriously, have a couple of kids, and move to the suburbs. Yeah, Van Dayum and I are in it for the long haul. Mmmm, Van Dayum.

Creepy beer seduction aside, if you’re going to try any Blue Owl beers, I’ll have to give you something to parrot with. Given that one of their beers is named Spirit Animal, and that Head Brewer, Jeff Young, claims the owl as his own spirit animal, I think the parrot pattern for this one is obvious. Try a Blue Owl beer and parrot with your very own spirit animal.

Don’t have a spirit animal? Don’t worry. I have waaaay too many spirit animals, so you can just borrow one of mine. Please make your selection from the list below:

– A squirrel


– A dinosaur


-A chicken (live or fried)


– A chimera of Carrie Brownstein, Sarah Silverman, and Annie Clark


– Your average hobo


– Definitely not a cat. I hate cats.


– Most Italian Foods


– Probably a deer or whatever


This just in: I may not understand the concept of a spirit animal. Okay, see you later!